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A creative being of infinite consciousness

The key to understanding the creation process, the infinite Consciousness within Creation as discussed in the Creation Story and your own existence is to understand the relationship between consciousness and energy and the dance it creates.
The dance of energy consciousness 

The fundamental creativity principle of reality is that conscious and energy exists in a duality. In the same way energy lies within the essence of all matter, consciousness similarly lies within all matter. Reality can mold itself to the form and/or an experience of that on which consciousness focuses it awareness and attention. In the same way energy can exist as a wave or a particle, so does consciousness. Consciousness can become localized into specific forms as in the traditional concept of spirit within a physical body and/or the ego. Or, it can permeate all of reality as in the traditional concept of the spirit free and unbounded by a body or as some like to say, a spirit that has transcended the body and/or the physical plane. However, the fact a spirit does not have a body does not mean it is not localized in an ego. Mind is a property of consciousness and ego is only a construct of the mind. 

The way conscious creates is by how it chooses to focus the attention and awareness it has and how it choose to localized its energy and consciousness into a given form. It does so by how and what it choose to think and believe and then surrendering to the flow of energy it creates to fulfill the experience of that on which it focuses. 

An infinite number of Individualized points of consciousness

As stated in the Creation Story, this infinite being is creative. It can create whatever it desires. It has simply shattered itself into an infinite number of parts - all connected yet seemingly separate. A variety of ways to see or think about this Infinite Consciousness becoming individual points of consciousness is provided in the file “Understanding We Are Creative Being of Infinite Consciousness.”

Any point of consciousness, whether it is the Consciousness of All That Is, a Cosmic Consciousness, or the smallest fragment of consciousness, is capable of creating an entire universe. The only difference between a point of consciousness and the Consciousness of All That Is - that Cosmic Consciousness - is its awareness. The Cosmic Consciousness is only a total awareness. But what needs to be clearly understood, the awareness of the Cosmic - the awareness of all that is - is only a partial awareness, or one awareness, of all the possible options available to consciousness. When this infinite consciousness is aware of the Cosmic view or perception, it is not aware any individualized view.

A point of consciousness is only aware of itself. That is, “I am” or “I exist” sees itself as separate from the rest of Creation. The “I” is the recognition of the self whether it is the Self or the self. In doing so, the awareness of “I” gives rise to that which is “not I” and duality. This includes the traditional concept of God where God stands apart from Creation. Yet, this kind of view of God is not Cosmic Consciousness for it stands apart from Creation. It is only another view from the “I” perspective. Only when you can experience living from beyond the “I” in any form can you come to see what Creation looks like from beyond duality. When you experience Creation apart from the “I,” you experience the beginning of Cosmic consciousness. The only question then is “How far can you see, or rather, of how much are you aware?”

The important thing to understand about the Consciousness of All That Is, a Cosmic Consciousness, is that it is consciously aware of all that is and/or all that exists. But when consciousness is in this view, it can’t experience Creation. It has to go within Creation and look out. Holding the Cosmic Consciousness view is only a part of Itself in that it is still simultaneously every other view of Creation. It is creative to localize in one view no matter how big or how small is still only one view of an infinite number of views open to the consciousness. There is no difference between one view and another than what is seen. One is not better than any other. To think otherwise, that one view is preferred over another, is only to experience Consciousness at play with Itself.

Can you hold a Cosmic view simultaneously with and individualized view? The answer is yes but it is more like a dance were you dance between the two views such that the pace of the dance makes them simultaneous for all practical purposes. However, the moment you choose, make a judgement or in any other way prefer any aspect of any other aspect, you jump to one view or the other. Hence the need to be “out of mind” and what it thinks and believes about anything and to just be present to what is.

In some way it is like looking through a filter. If you use a transparent filter you see everything as it is - a “cosmic” view. If you use a colored filter, such a blue or green, you see less of what is. There may be more contrast for some thing. But you see differently than with the transparent filter yet the view is the same. What you see is different because of the filter. You have the same focus of attention and awareness looking through the filter. If you use an opaque filter you see nothing and might as well be asleep - unless you are open to using your other senses like taste, smell, feeling and hearing.

Within this understanding the awareness of All That Is never changes. It is always available to you and present within you. What changes is how what the awareness experiences can be consciously or subconsciously held to give rise to the filter. If the awareness of All That Is, all of Creation, is held consciously, the one can talk about The Consciousness. If it is held subconsciously we talk about consciousness but both are still the same consciousness/Consciousness. That is, consciousness doesn’t have to consciously know all that is happening in Creation consciously for it knows it is All That Is and there is no where to look other than itself to create something new. It is only Itself playing with Itself.

Intuitive guidance - using the subconscious awareness of all that is

The awareness realizes that each point of consciousness, each view it can take, is capable of either 1) expanding its awareness to that of a complete awareness, a Cosmic Consciousness, or 2) simply coming to the realize that each part of the universe is part of Itself even if it is understood or used subconsciously. The understanding discussed here is used practically in a subconscious way when one consciously uses their intuitive guidance and, in particular, the awareness and use of “second knowing.” Second knowing is the ability to know something that has not been obtained through conscious awareness. You know but you don’t know that you know. Intuitive guidance is an embryonic form of second knowing. So learning to live life through the use of intuitive guidance is the door way to becoming aware of the depth and breath of one’s awareness and to Cosmic Consciousness itself. In using intuitive guidance you use the awareness of Cosmic Consciousness subconsciously and in time can raise the awareness to full consciousness.

A spectrum of awareness 

An alternatively view is there is only All That Is and only one point of consciousness exists. The infinity of the Universe is contained within that point. However, within that point is an infinite spectrum of awareness from complete dormancy to complete awareness and to an infinite number of individualized points of consciousness. In this second view of an infinite number of individual points of consciousness every point on that spectrum is a different experiences of exactly the same thing only each point gives a different view of what is. If Consciousness is unaware of the entire spectrum simultaneously then it creates the illusion that there are an infinite number of different aspects to creation simultaneously. Each view of Creation, each point on this spectrum, see itself as a being of infinite consciousness. In the end, it doesn’t matter if one views each point on this spectrum as the same Being of Infinite Consciousness or each point is seen as a separate being of infinite consciousness that overlaps each other to encompass all that is. The end result is the same.

The recommendation for your own life is to embrace an optimum creativity perspective for yourself in a way that works for you and not drive yourself crazy is to accept you are only one of an infinite number of individualized points of consciousnesses each having the same essence of Consciousness. The only difference is that each individualized point of consciousness has a slightly different view of Creation to give rise to the experience of Creation. As such, you are a playmate of this infinite Consciousness. This view will allow you to keep your concept of God whatever it is if you wish to keep it and what ever else you wish to hold and believe about creation. However the view provided in the Creation Story for the creativity perspective opens you to an unlimited creativity if you choose to use it and you access this unlimited creativity by learning how to use and access the subconscious to make the subconscious conscious for the area in which you desire to create. In any case, the way conscious creates is by how it chooses to focus the attention and awareness it has and how it choose to localized its energy and consciousness into a given form. It does so by how and what it choose to think and believe.

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